Chakra, Reiki & Crystal Animal Healing

Animal healing
Does my animal companion need healing?

Many people are curious about animal healing and whether it is necessary. I believe it is, for a number of reasons.

Animals have often undergone trauma without our knowledge - whether these are our companion animals, zoo animals or wild animals. There are many possible factors. Animals may have encountered poor physical birthing and delivery; a new mother who is unsure of her role and does not care for her babies properly; trauma associated with leaving the family of origin too young; travel to a new home; and of course, adapting to the new environment, expectations, noises and humans. Our companion animals suffer many similar issues to that as their human counterparts - and even take on the energies of those around them.


So many of us want the best for our companion animals. We want them to be happy, healthy, strive and learn the expectations we place upon them, so it is critical they are given the same health and healing opportunities that we have access to as humans. Animals are not beneath us, they are our equals. 

Since I am also an Animal Communicator, I can often speak with the animal and learn about previous trauma and ask if they would like to receive healing for it. If they agree, I will complete a body scan and see if it is the physical or etheric body that needs healing. I can assist them in healing individual chakras (did you know animal chakras are quite different from those of humans?), or work on their etheric body. I can assist them in letting go of the energies they may be holding onto from  their human family, and I am able to supply Reiki healing to their physical body to help with with an assortment of ailments including pain reduction, and stimulating their own unique ability to heal themselves. 

Our companion animals give the best of themselves to us, and I believe, deserve the best we can give them in return.