Chakras, Energy Work & Crystal Healing

Chakras healing
How is my work with Chakras, Crystals and Energy Healing different from other providers?

I will work with you to create a program of energetic work based on your individual needs. This may include working over a few sessions to help balance each chakra and restore a sense of peace to your body. It might be that you are dealing with an extremely stressful situation which includes some negativity that you wish to have removed from your life. In any case, the program and the methods used in your energetic treatment will be individualized to meet your needs.  

I will do an initial consultation with you, then perform a meditation and ask my spirit guides - and yours -what kind of healing would be the best for you at this particular time. To pinpoint a starting point, I can also ask my pendulum for assistance or, in the case of dealing with chakras, we can consult my milk quartz chakra ball as to the best chakra to start with. After the purpose and method of the appointment has been set, we will have an opportunity to meet or decide on a time for distance work to begin. I will use all methods at my disposal, including my highly developed intuitive sense, to support you during this healing process.


Being able to come to my home office definitely has advantages over what other intuitives may offer. When attending in person, you may find I have made an elixer especially for you. It will be given to you to drink from a cup with its own unique healing properties.  My clients are not asked to lay down, as with some energy healers, but to remain seated so that they are firmly grounded at all times. Often my clients are drawn to hold a particular crystal during their healing session, which we will discuss in-depth at the end. Additionally, many clients enjoy the use of my crystal-lined, reiki infused healing blanket - by sitting on it, having it across their lap or wrapping it around themselves.


At the end of the appointment, if you are drawn to one of my crystals, we will discuss why that may be and the message that particular crystal may have for you. I may also be drawn to provide a crystal recommendation to assist you in further working on your on healing; and in some cases the Divine has a message and asks me to draw a card from you, specifying which oracle deck to use. (For more information about my Oracle Card and Pendulum reading see this page.). Finally, within a few days you will receive a follow-up phone call, email or text message from me at which time I encourage you to assess how you are feeling and discuss any results of the healing session with me.