Oracle Card and Pendulum Readings

pendulum reading
How can oracle card and pendulum readings help me?

While card and pendulum readings can be very similar, they are also uniquely different. I find that oracle cards give me a more detailed view of my current situation, while the pendulum likes to give a straightforward response.


Depending on your needs, I will ask the Divine to guide us to using a specific deck as I have a number of different Oracle decks that I like to work with. Oracle spreads can be single or multiple cards and can give us a picture of a situation, a month or even a year of events. I encourage clients to opt for this as opposed to other readings if they are feeling open to possibilities of change!


Oracle decks provide us with guidance, that ebbs and flows over time given the decisions we make. This can especially beneficial if you are interested in what may be coming in the future, what areas you need to work on currently or are just feeling a little "lost" and could use some help redirecting your energies. My current decks of choice are: Kuan Yin, The Power of Love, Keepers of the Light, The Butterfly Oracle, The Enchanted Map, Earth Magic and Liquid Crystal. These decks sometimes guide me to using crystals or another modality to assist my clients on their true path.

Pendulum readings tend to be more helpful in making a choice between two or more selections; finding direction (literally and sometimes figuratively!) and can be used to work with specific situations that require a more immediate outcome. I choose to turn to my pendulum when I am struggling to make a decision, or when I need guidance to be very blunt and to-the-point!  (It is my current personal goal to use my Animal Communication skills and my pendulum to reconnect lost pets with their owners, which I am continuing to delve into through communication and map work!)

As you can see, the choices are endless....but you will always get the answers that are in your best interest - the ones that the Divine wants you to know right now!