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Are you a "Stoner" too?

I am so excited because April is the month when the “big” rock, gem, and fossil show comes to Saskatoon. If you love stones, and crystals this is an event you do not want to miss!

A happy hand full of Labradorite Stones

If you are planning to go it is always good to have an idea in mind of what you may want to purchase before you get there. To assist you I am offering the following opportunities from now until the 24th:

*If you have a specific ailment or issue that you would like to purchase a stone/crystal for, but are unsure what to get, I can provide you with a short list that will assist you in your personal situation.

*Or if you want to know what stone is calling to you right now, I can intuitively choose a stone for you or pull a couple of cards from my crystal deck to offer you support.

The fee for either is these is $5 and you can PM me for more info!


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