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Chakra Bingo!!

We are going to have an awesome time in August playing Bingo to heal our chakras! If you want to play along the first thing you need to do is contact me and purchase your bingo card. The cost of your bingo card for the entire month of August is $20 and you will receive it the last day of July.

Your Bingo card is also your invitation to a private fb group where, I will post the bingo calls each day… but this is not just bingo! You'll learn more about your chakras through the tips and activities that I'm going to post in the group and I am open to discussions and sharing! Sign up now to get your Bingo card and group link! It is going to be fun!

The basic gameplay is like any other bingo, except there will be activities and exercises instead of numbers on your card! If you end up with that days' bingo call on your card and you complete the activity or exercise, you need to document it in some form. It may be a journal entry that you're going to be able to share upon request, it may be a photograph of you doing a certain activity or something that you've made or completed or done that you can show me, so be sure to document your activities. :) For the person who calls bingo first, I will choose 3 of their completed bingo activities and have them share with me the evidence that they completed the activity (to keep all of us honest!)

So don't forget, in order to participate and to receive the invitation to the bingo group, all you need to do is send me a message, prepay your card and it will get sent to you before August 1st when we start the game!

I hope you're really looking forward to playing and that lots of you join in because it's so much more fun when we have lots of activity! You'll be more than welcome to offer comments share information about your activities within the grip and talk about how you are doing! Come play! It's going to be fun and you will feel refreshed and ready to head into Fall!


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