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Part V: How will the Akashic Records help me?

The many notes made on Cayce’s readings strongly suggest we are writing the story of our lives on a daily basis. This occurs though our thoughts, words, actions, and of course through our interactions with all of those around us. Knowing how each of these areas impacts us daily can legitimately indicate that these same things from our past could conceivably impact our current lives as well. It appears to me that gaining this knowledge would provide us with insights into who we are on a much deeper scale then we can comprehend.

If we want to delve a little deeper into what that means – well it really does mean different things for each person because we are all in our own individual place of soul development and personal identity, however, one that that we are all a part of is the universal consciousness. The Records can help you with your personal growth and raise the level of your consciousness.

If you are still reading this, you likely realize that you are a physical body learning to live a spiritual existence. Accessing the records can help you gain a better understanding of many areas of your life including why you are here – or your life’s purpose. Using the records shows us how we have become who we are currently and enables us to get support from our MTLO’s to gain a better understanding of where we are going on this current life path. (We will go into a bit more details about how the records can specifically help you in a future post, so stay tuned!)

Personally, the biggest, most important lessons I have received from the Akashic Records have come with the understanding that each one of us are connected to each other. The Records hold all the information that has impacted and created, not just us personally but the “us” of the global world. I have had huge insights from the records and received guidance beyond what I believed possible. The records have guided me into deeper connections with others and knowing and loving myself. Our MTLO’s are there to guide us, teach us and help us grow into the best spiritual beings that we can be as we live through our current physical embodiment. I truly believe using the Akashic Records to gain knowledge can be one of the biggest assets to have in your spiritual toolbox!

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