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Part VII: What process is used to access the Akashic Records?

I cannot tell you what that might look like for you, so this answer will be based on my experiences as someone who has done many, many readings!

I was taught using Linda Howe’s Pathway Prayer method. This prayer constitutes specific words that allow me to gain access to my own records or to a client’s records. When working with a client, I need to use their full legal name, which indicates to the MTLO’s in the Records that they have given me permission to act as the “go-between”. I know this is not the only means to access the records but it is the one that works the best for me!

Sometimes people will ask how I know I am in the Records and the only way I can really describe it is to say that I feel a “vibration” in the back of my head that usually stays where my spine and head connect and goes upwards to the Crown. You know how when you hum you feel it in the very back of your throat> Well, for me it is kind of like that!

I always try to have a fairly quiet space to work in as it is somewhat like meditating, but I do attend Expo’s where I offer readings on site, and have done group settings too so it is not always the case to have a quiet space! It took me a while to learn to do this in a room full of people with other vibrational activity taking place, but I can do it with just a more intense focus on the Pathway Prayer.

I will describe, or take note of, exactly what I am seeing when I enter the Records. Usually I feel like I am in an incredibly old library completely surrounded by books on shelves absolutely everywhere! The space is voluminous and difficult to comprehend the amount of space that I can “sense”, but as soon as the first question gets asked everything moves closer in towards me and I am focused only on getting that one piece of information so the rest becomes much like a blurry background in a movie. At that point, we are off and running so I begin o tell the client anything that occurs – from pictures to visualizations of places, events, or things that I hear, see or feel physically in my body. If we do not get a response or it seems a bit odd, we will ask further questions until we get the clarification that is needed!

To show respect to the MTLO’s for their valuable service to me (or to my client) I try to set a timer so that I can close the records in the set amount of time. I close with the Pathway Prayer.


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