Akashic Record Reading

Akashic hall of records
What are Akashic Records & what you can expect from a reading?

Akasha is the Sanskrit word for "atmosphere”.  In Hindi, Akash means "sky" or "heaven". The Akashic Records are those experiences, thoughts and intentions which are written on your soul throughout all time-including all previous lives. This is what makes your soul so uniquely yours. Each person’s records are individual to them and can only be accessed with permission, and all interactions between the person and the Divine Light of the Akasha will be held in the highest regard, ensuring the strictest respect, confidentiality, love and kindness throughout the session.

It is helpful to have 2-3 specific questions in mind when you come for a session. We will agree on an amount of time that we are going to spend in your records. Using your full, current legal name, I will access your Akashic Records using prayer.  You will then be asked to present your questions beginning with the most important. You may need to give some background information about the situation or issue. Feel free to take notes during your session as this may prompt other ideas and take your appointment in an entirely new direction.

Once your time in the records has come to an end, I will exit the records with a closing prayer which ensure your privacy as the connections between myself and your records as well as between me and you will be removed. If there is anything that I can add to the session, I will do so at that point. As you can tell, Akashic readings can be done via distance, since there is no requirement to be present.