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How do I "talk" to your animal?

I use a specific meditation to help me clear my mind and be totally focused on your animal friend. Once I begin, I use a tunnel of white light that is secured and protected by my spirit guides, teachers, animal totems and Divine Spirit. Through this tunnel, I am able to connect with your animal companion.


​What to Expect During a Session

These sessions do not require the companion animal to be present, however, I do require a good photo and the name of the animal. Prior to the session, I will ask for 3-5 questions to pose to your animal companion and I do my best to receive and interpret the messages that the animal shares with me.

You will receive a written report containing all information received during the session. Questions range from "Is my animal companion happy?" to "What happened to my companion prior to them living in my home?" This form of communication can also be used to connect to animal companions who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Only distance sessions are offered in working with your animal companion.

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