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My goal is for you to receive the most from each session!

Akashic Record Reading

What are Akashic Records?

Akasha is the Sanskrit word for "atmosphere.”  In Hindi, Akash means "sky" or "heaven.” The Akashic Records are those experiences, thoughts and intentions which are written on your soul throughout all time – including all previous lives. This is what makes your soul so uniquely yours. Each person’s records are individual to them and can only be accessed with permission. All interactions between the person and the Divine Light of the Akasha will be held in the highest regard, ensuring the strictest respect, confidentiality, love and kindness throughout the session.

What to expect during a session?

Upon booking, you will select either 30 or 60 minutes. You will be required to consider questions you would like to ask or areas on which you wish to receive guidance. I will access your Akashic Records and then you will be asked to present your questions, beginning with the most important. You may need to give some background information about the situation or issue. Feel free to take notes during your session as this may prompt other ideas and take your appointment in an entirely new direction.


Once our time in your records has come to an end, I will exit your records closing all connections. If there is anything that I can add to the session, I will do so at that point. Akashic readings can be done via distance since there is no requirement to be present during your session.

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After contacting me, we will discuss the best option for you or your animal companion. Whether you are wanting an Akashic reading, chakra or crystal healing, an animal communication session, or one of the other options, we will work together to customize a session that is perfect for you! No matter which modality or combination of modalities you choose for yourself or your animal companion, you will receive a powerful customized session which will leave you or your animal feeling peaceful and calm.

During any session, you are welcome to take notes so that you have a record you can refer to. I will share with you all impressions, patterns, colours, images, words, thoughts or guidance that I receive on your behalf. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain additional insight throughout the session.

Once the session has concluded, I urge you to allow the healing work the time it needs. You may notice immediate changes, or it may take days for the deeper energetic shifts to occur. I encourage you to meditate or journal and allow yourself the opportunity to process these changes before deciding if another session is in order.


I am here to support and encourage the work you are doing on yourself, because by healing yourself, you are also healing all those around you!


To learn about the sessions I offer, read through the options below.

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Animal Communications

How do I "talk" to your animal?

I use a specific meditation to help me clear my mind and be totally focused on your animal friend. Once I begin, I use a tunnel of white light that is secured and protected by my spirit guides, teachers, animal totems and Divine Spirit. Through this tunnel, I am able to connect with your animal companion.

What to expect during a session?

These sessions do not require the companion animal to be present, however, I do require a good photo and the name of the animal. Prior to the session, I will ask for 3-5 questions to pose to your animal companion and I do my best to receive and interpret the messages that the animal shares with me.


You will receive a written report containing all information received during the session. Questions range from "Is my animal companion happy?" to "What happened to my companion prior to them living in my home?" This form of communication can also be used to connect to animal companions who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


Only distance sessions are offered in working with your animal companion.

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Chakra, Reiki and Crystal Animal Healing

Does my animal companion need healing?


Many people are curious about animal healing and whether it is necessary. Animals have often undergone trauma without our knowledge – whether these are our companion animals, zoo animals or wild animals. Among many possible factors, animals may have encountered:

  • poor physical birthing and delivery;

  • a new mother who is unsure of her role and does not care for her babies properly;

  • trauma associated with leaving the family of origin too young;

  • travel to a new home; and

  • adapting to the new environment, expectations, noises, and humans;

Rescued animal companions often have many of these factors present. In addition, companion animals often take on the energies of those around them, increasing their personal stress.

What to expect during a session?

I will complete a body scan and see if it is the physical or etheric body that needs healing. I assist them in healing individual chakras (did you know animal chakras are quite different from those of humans?) or work on their etheric body. I help them to release any energies they may be holding onto from their human family. I am able to supply energetic healing and/or crystal healing to their physical body to help with an assortment of ailments, pain reduction, and stimulate their own unique ability to heal themselves.


Our companion animals give the best of themselves to us, and I believe they deserve the best we can provide to them in return. Animals are not beneath us; they are our equals and deserve the same quality of care and treatment as their humans.

Only distance sessions are offered in working with your animal companion.

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Chakras, Energy Work & Crystal Healing

How is my work with Chakras, Crystals and Energy Healing different from other providers?


I will work with you to create a program of energetic work based on your individual needs. This may include working over a few sessions to help balance each chakra and restore a sense of peace to your body. It may be that you are dealing with an extremely stressful situation which includes some negativity that you wish to have removed from your life. The program and the methods used in your energetic treatment will be individualized to meet your needs. 

What to expect during a session?


I will do an initial consultation with you, then perform a meditation to receive guidance as to the type of healing that would be the best for you. After the purpose and method of the appointment has been established,we will have an opportunity to meet or decide on a time for distance work to begin. I will use all methods at my disposal, including my highly developed intuitive sense, to support you during this healing process.


If an in-person session is required, you may find I have made an elixir especially for you. It will be given to you to drink from a cup with its own unique healing properties.  My clients are not asked to lay down, but to remain seated so that they are firmly grounded at all times.. Often my clients are drawn to hold a particular crystal during their healing session, which we will discuss in depth at the end of the session. Additionally, many clients enjoy the use of my crystal-lined, reiki-infused healing blanket – and other tools at my disposal.


Each session is uniquely different and may involve a crystal recommendation to assist you in further working on your own healing;  Divine messages or card for you. Each session includes a follow-up contact, at which time I encourage you to assess how you are feeling and discuss any results of the healing session.

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Oracle Cards & Tea Leaf Readings

Oracle cards and tea leaf readings offer a detailed view of specific situations.

For an oracle reading, spreads can be single or multiple cards and can give a picture of a situation, a month, or even a year of events. Oracle decks and tea leaf readings provide guidance that ebbs and flows over time as a result of the decisions you make. This can be especially beneficial if you are interested in what may be coming in the future, what areas you need to work on currently or are just feeling a little "lost" and could use some help redirecting your energies. I encourage clients to opt for this as opposed to other readings if they are feeling open to possibilities of change!

How can other types of readings assist you?


As you can see, the choices are endless.... but you will always get the answers that are in your best interest – the ones that the Divine wants you to know right now!  


I am open to answering your questions so you can receive the right type of reading that you require. Feel free to connect with me and I will answer any questions that you have.

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