Christina MacPherson
My Story:

Ever since I was a small child, I have been an “intuitive.” Some of my earliest memories include knowing things about my family that were going on in other places, and later as a preteen, being aware of what was going to happen in the immediate future. Then, as a teenager, I read oracle cards for family and friends.


What I did not know was that these abilities were written on my soul before I was born, and that no amount of ignoring them would make them go away. These skills were passed down to me through my ancestors. Many times, my mother would tell me I was just like my grandmother, and she would give me numerous examples of how my grandma had foresight of things prior to them occurring.


I always knew I would become a teacher and yet, through many years of working in the field of education, I still found myself searching for ways to feel more fulfilled. The turning point for me was when I suffered a great loss and struggled with my own healing. I knew then that I needed to return to my truest self – and this journey began.


Through self discovery, I realized that it is my soul's purpose to assist people and animals on their individual journeys. It is my deepest belief that, by offering combined methods of readings and energy healing, I will help others physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

How I Got Here:


Once I was given the opportunity to see the link between my deepest desire to help others and my own true soul path, I began a series of studies that progressed naturally to where I am now. I studied crystals and their use in healing which took me into chakras and their energies. I was then drawn to Reiki and Kundalini energy and started down the path of using energy and crystals to help animals as well. 


After becoming certified in those areas, I became an advanced Akashic record reader. I came to realize that people do not have to be physically present to support us in our journey - the issue is whether or not we allow them to assist us - how open we are to receiving. The Akashic Records have aided me in understanding that our supports are more extensive than we can possibly imagine!


While working in my own Akashic records, I was guided to animal communication. Being in my records enabled me to recall that my first memories were all about the animals in my life… and so began my path of learning to communicate with animals in a formal way.  Currently, it is my goal to expand this level of communication by being able to assist people to find their lost pets (more about this on my Oracle Card and Pendulum Reading page.)


Training in these areas has helped me strengthen my intuitive abilities even further and build an extremely strong foundation from which to work. That is how I am able to assist clients in the ways they require it most and offer a wide range of custom services depending on client needs. Whether you are struggling with something big or small, a loss or a life lesson, I will support you with the use of the tools, knowledge, experience, and guides that have assisted me on my own soul's journey.


It would be my pleasure to assist you in the energy healing that you require.


Blessings to you!