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A Rainbow Bridge Animal Communication Session for You

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone!!

Today I want to tell you a little something about myself that you might not realize from my business page..... I am an Animal Communicator! I love to communicate with your animal companions-whether they are still on this plane or they have moved across the Rainbow Bridge.

As you know, from Summer Solstice to the end of June, I am offering a daily special! Today's special is a Rainbow Bridge Animal Communication Session $25 (regular $55).

If you are concerned about your pet when they crossed over or wish to receive a message from them, this is the answer you are looking for. If you are like me, your animal companion is much more then the family "pet" - they are part of everyday life and when they are gone, you feel heartbroken. A session such as this can help ease that pain and help dissipate the grief, allowing us to begin the healing process. This reading will include a complete description of any messages or information your crossed-over pet wishes to share with you. Feel free to PM me on FB or email me at for more information about this session!

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