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Crystal Grids for Everyone

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Today we are going to take a look at making a crystal grid – what it is and how to do it! I know there are many people who believe there are right and wrong ways to grid. Be warned - I am not one of those people! I love to grid – and I think grids are most effective when we put our heart into them – so by following our own intuition and “feeling” or “listening” to the energy, we end up with the perfect, most effective grid that we can create! That said, there are a few tips and thoughts I want to share with you – especially if you are just starting out or are curious to learn a little more!

What is a Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals you have created that increases and multiplies the intention that is set for a specific purpose. The crystals work together to form a single vibrational energy or energetic field which is programmed to assist us or perform a specific duty.

Why do we Grid?

Let’s begin with the purpose of creating a crystal grid – why so we want to place stones together to form patterns? Doing this helps us focus our crystal intentions and combines all the energies of the crystals that we are putting together. Using a crystal grid, is like the difference from having one great ball player on the field, versus having an entire team. You know that the team will be stronger, and more effective.

Crystal Grid on Flower of Life
Crystal Grid on Carved Flower of Life Board

Why do I need one?

If you are very new to crystal grids, you may find it helpful to invest in a grid kit. These often contain cloths, or a board, however, you can also make your own. One of the things I love is using pictures I have coloured – trees, nature pictures, and mandalas all work very well as a surface for your grid. A grid can be done any place we have a connection with. I have used one of my grandmother’s handmade doilies, a mini wooden engraved crystal grid board and even a plain white plate as a place for my crystal grid.. The one thing I do keep in my mind is that metaphysically, many grids are based on patterns of sacred geometry, so it can be very helpful to stick with simple geometric patterns, especially when first starting out.

Are Crystal Grids easy to use?

Setting up and arranging your crystal grid is very easy. Many grid kits will be aimed towards a pre-set specific purpose and will contain a few basic stones including: a focus stone –and sets of crystals called way stones, and desire stones. Most pre-made grid packages will have a layout diagram and well as instructions. Remember that you do not need to purchase a crystal grid set. You can intuitively pull from the stones you have and create your grid using what you already have.

Crystal Grid Visual Guide
Visual Guide to Crystal Grids

What Crystals do I really need?

  • You definitely need a focus stone. This is the stone that goes in the center of your grid. Its main purpose is to create a focus for your grid and to channel the energies. This crystal’s energy is impacted by both its shape and colour. (For more information about stone colour see this blog post!

  • The stones that immediately surround the focus stone are referred to as the way stones. These crystals are important since they amplify and modify the energy within the grid. These crystals are like the focus stone, in that they are dependent on their colour as to the energy they bring.

  • The stones furthest away from the focus stone are usually called the desire stones. These stones gather all the energy produced by the grid and their amplified nature makes them especially significant as they help to tune into and amplify the energy of the grid’s purpose. Their color and shape can also impact the grid.

What is a Grid Path?

The lines of energy within the grid you have made is referred to as the “path”. This path is any outcome we desire – it is the purpose we have in creating our grid. The path pulls on any sacred geometry we have used in our grid, nature, and the elements to create a focused energy that is amplified by the connections within the grid itself. The actual path is based on the shape of the grid. This is where studying sacred geometry can add more power and definition to your grids, but is not a necessity because your intuition will lead you to the correct grid for your particular needs.

How do I Activate a Crystal Grid?

Activating a grid is the most significant part of the creation process because this is the way you are setting the intention and the energy you want the grid to have.

To activate your grid, will need to use a Master Crystal – I like to use a clear quartz point but you can also use a wand or any other item that contains power such as a blessed feather. Begin by holding the point above the central stone and follow an imaginary line to the outside “row” of crystals – what we called the Desires Stones above. Then move the point to the next crystal in that same row, and draw another imaginary line back to the focus crystal. Continue this process until all the crystals have an imaginary line running between them and the center crystal. I do this without stopping or breaking the line, thinking about my intention the entire time. Once all of the crystals have been “joined”, then take the point and touch your Third Eye Chakra. You have now activated the grid and this imaginary unbroken line will connect the stones to one another, to the grid, and to you.


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