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How Can We Improve our Connection to Spirit?

I asked this question in my Akashic Records recently and was very pleased with what they had to tell me. I believe this is a universal message for all of us:

1. Ask for guidance

The very first thing that I am hearing is that we need to ask to receive guidance from Spirit. We can ask for guidance about anything – in area of our lives. The thing is, unless we ask, Spirit is not going to jump I and intervene. In a previous article I wrote about developing trust – the more we ask for guidance, the more we are able to develop this trust. Even if we start by asking for small bits of guidance before moving on to ask about the larger more difficult issues we are faced with, the Universe will support our request.

2. Accept the advice you receive

Even though it might be hard to follow the guidance you have been given, as a part of the reciprocal connection to the Divine Spirit, it is very important that you heed that advice. In this way you are engaged in listening/acting on the guidance you receive – which is really a sign of respect to your guides and the Spirit Realm. The higher levels of respect you are about to demonstrate the better your trust, the mote open the lines of connection and communication will be. This includes listening and responding to those “gut” feelings you receive – as these are from spirit, even though they show up within our physical form. You might also find that sometimes the information you receive from Spirit does not quite make sense. Even then, it is best to follow the advice as it will still take you exactly where you need to be (even if you are taking the scenic route!)

3. Spend time with your guides

We cannot get to know anyone unless we spend some time in their presence. This means choosing to increase your awareness of their presence in your life, which can be done in a number of ways. Many people like to open themselves through meditation, but similar levels of awareness can be created through solitary time, walking in nature, or simply observing your surroundings and energy transitions as they ebb and flow within your life. Spirit often comes to us with returning message so having an awareness of the messages as well as how, when and how often you have received it (or something similar) is a good indication that this is something you need to pay attention to.

4. See all others as spirit

One thing the Akashic Records enables me to do easily is to view others through the eyes of Spirit, and this is a huge part of being able to connect to Spirit! When we see others through those eyes we tend to extend more love and compassion towards people, and by doing this, we can begin to see the spirit surrounding them. This in turn increase our ability to connect with all spirits – including our higher self, Spirit Guides and any other Spirits we may be wanting to work with. From this we also learn how important it is to work harder as lessening our judgements and approaching others with kindness and love. As you do this, you are emulating those from the Spirit realm – thereby growing into your ability to become a connector to Spirit – not only for yourself, but to serve those around you as well. In doing this, you are demonstrating the highest respect – that of love.

5. Be the light

When you become the light you are grounded but able to actively speak about how you are feeling. You are able to help others see the significance of the Divine Spirit in their own lives, and you are also an example of what we can all do to show up authentically as spirit in physical body. When you are the light you add brightness to negativity, and help illuminate the positive in every situation. You become love itself.

I would love to hear what you think of this message! Please leave a comment!


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