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Part VIII: Why should I see an Akashic Record Reader if I can access them myself?

I that I truly believe anyone can open their Records. Personally, I believe that everyone is accessing the records all the time – they just don’t know it! At our lowest and highest points, we are still receiving information from our Soul – and since the Records are the “blueprint” of our Soul – then I really do think we are connected 100% of the time!

I believe what you get reading for yourself and what I might get reading for you could be quite different. Edgar Cayce suggested in one of his discussion with his wife that it can be easy to misinterpret the information. We each come to a reading with our own ideas, perceptions and even associations that we place on things. These perceptions might impact how you would interpret information you are receiving, whereas, when I am reading for a client, I describe what I am being given and the client decipher the meaning asking for clarification if necessary.

It is difficult to remove oneself from one’s own current day life in order to do that wholly and be able to not carry judgments or bias into a reading that we are doing for ourselves. The Akashic Records are affected by our background, the kind of day we are having and all kinds of mental and emotional factors that become more removed when a third-party reader is involved. Cayce also suggested that these factors can be removed only when the reader’s intention comes from a place of being completely selfless and in truth, their only desire is to assist. In other words, two individuals could acquire very different interpretations from the very same records because of their own belief systems, backgrounds, experiences, and personal motives.


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