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Selenite Crystals

One of the stones I want to share with you is Selenite. This stone takes one many shapes and colours, and has some terrific uses that you should be aware of!

One of the forms of Selenite that you are likely to come across is the tubular shape with lovey striations. This shape always reminds me of a castle with its many levels and turrets, or a snowy mountain.

Upright striated Selenite crystal
Selenite at its best!

Selenite is appropriately named after the Greek goddess Selene – who is the goddess of the moon. This makes a lot of sense given some of the physical and metaphysical properties of this stone. Selenite is made of the mineral gypsum, and goes by other names including Satin Spar and Dessert Rose (which are different kinds of Selenite, having different properties as well). Selenite is known to be very soft (on the Mohs scale is a 2) which means it requires gentle handling and should be wrapped separately so that other crystals do not break or chip it.

Selenite's appearance like a lightly dust covered dried rose
Dessert Rose Selenite

One of Selenite’s most widely known properties is its ability to clear the mind and help us attain mental clarity. This is especially useful during meditation, so that the messages and information we receive comes through clearly. It can be placed nearby or held in the hand during

meditation to facility that is process. This stone is often associated with the Crown Chakra and can help us stay connected to our higher self. Since it connects us to our higher self it is also important that we maintain a balance by also using grounding crystals such as hematite, tourmaline or obsidian, at the same time. In addition to the Crown, this crystal is also connected to the Third eye since it is thought to increase our intuitive abilities.

Another property that Selenite is known for is its ability to cleanse and recharge itself without any help from you! In fact, Selenite helps to cleanse and charge other crystals as well so don’t’ be surprised if you find Selenite being sold as a “charging pad”. (More in cleaning and charging crystals in another blog!) Other properties of Selenite include protection from negativity, as it will act like a shield; increasing your connections to angels and spirit guides; use with the chakras to clear out negativity from those energy centers and correct imbalances within the auric layers. Selenite is also a good tool when you are working with a group of people as it aids in increasing the calmness in the room.

Selentie crystal charging and wand
Selenite Charging Pad , Strip and Wand (Third Eye)


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