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The Wasp Means What?

I love to take a bit of time in the summer to look back through the year as well as develop my business plan for the upcoming year. When I am working on this, I prefer it to be my "soul" focus and like to be in nature. This year, I have noticed an abundance of wasps coming to visit. Even though there have been many they don't land on me, but will land on my papers, my pen and even on my sandals (I like to kick them off when I'm just sitting around). This has really intrigued me as a number people have also mentioned wasps and how there are so many. This made me pause for a minute and think about the Wasp and what spiritual messge they are bringing!

Wasps are able to get their point across (sometimes literally!) but in an unkind way. If you are encountering a lot of Wasps, perhaps you should ask yourself if you need to find a softer approach with those around you? Wasps act like a warrior and stick to what they know. While Wasps may have a nest that they gather in, when they are out of their home they mostly prefer to be alone; but if you kill a Wasp, be aware that more will be coming because they have a close knit tribe. If you have encountered a lot of Wasp activity, maybe it's time for you to move out of your comfort zone and invite some new people into your life? (I have to admit, that sounds like me right now!) We must remember that Wasp brings new things and we should expect the unexpected when they come around.

The Wasp carries with it the idea of putting your plans into action and to stop wishing on your dreams but to begin turning them into a reality. The Wasp also reminds us to keep moving forward, working towards what we desire, not allowing other people or situations to take us off our path. The Wasp tells us that we DO deserve to have our dreams come true.

As with the dragonfly, the Wasp wants us to remember the importance of keeping our feet on the ground and to act with humility, especially when we are focussed on doing spiritual work. While the Wasp can also symbolize evolution, progress, control over one's self, and development, we need to be open to allowing our unique path to unfold as it is meant to.

The Wasp, having two colours, comes also to remind us that there are two sides, two parts, two pieces, that fit together to create a whole. The Wasp showing up is encouraging you to allow those pieces to come together without resistance so that you can better manifest your dreams into your new reality.

As I continue to work on my business plan and upcoming offerings, I know I will remember Wasp's messages.

(Photo is not mine, I tried but those little fellas are fast! 😊)


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