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Part VI: What can I ask about in the Akashic Records?

I often get asked this about the Records, and so, I do have say there are some “rules” I follow around Record Reading. The first is that I cannot read the Records of anyone under the age of 18. The other practice I have is to make sure the questions are client centered – meaning that a client can only ask about their circumstances, not those of others. Sometimes it is just a change in the wording of the question that needs to be made… and this is always done with the best interest of the recipient at heart. An example might be a client asking “Why does my spouse always disagree with me? (you can see the focus is on the spouse); and we can reword that question into something like “What can I do to minimize the disagreements I have with me spouse?” or “How can I try to see disagreements from their perspective without getting upset?” You are there to receive information about your soul’s path – not that of others!

That said there are times we might want to learn about something different, and since we know that pets, and places have Akashic Records, you can access these records by asking for permission/consent first!

Besides that, reading the Akashic Records is much like reading a book! One of the best things about the Records is that you can use them as a resource at any time and ask about anything… heck, you can even access your records and NOT ask anything – just sit in the comfort of your MTLO’s and see what comes up for you.

The MTLO’s do like when clients come with specific questions in mind and it’s quite important those questions are open-ended – in other words, skip the yes/no questions and get to the good stuff that is soul changing! Go for the How, Why, What questions and you will be good to go! I have a list of commonly asked questions that I an provide for clients who are stuck – but be honest, when you are booking a session, you must know something is up and have some specific questions on your mind!

Remember there is a LOT of information coming at you during a session and knowing what you want to ask beforehand is helpful so that you do not feel overwhelmed during your session and can stay on track with what you truly want to know! I know when I do a reading for a client, I mostly do not recall what was asked or what information was shared. (I am more the conduit and not the receiver.) In this case it is really important that you know what you are asking and can make notes during your session so that you stay grounded, control the information flow and have notes you can refer back to to jog you memory!

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