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Part IV: Who the heck are the MTLO’s?

In Linda’s methodology of accessing the Records, there are entities who help us she refers to as the MTLO’s for short. This stands for Master, Teachers, and Loved Ones. This is the group of Record Keepers that hold your Records and help you access them as well as offer advice, information, and guidance in any areas that you request. I refer to them as my Spiritual Team – a little different from my Guides that I also talk about, but sometimes I include them all together as they are all providing information and guidance, just in different ways!

To be honest, I find that my own MTLO’s and those of the people who come to me for readings, are very straight forward. They will give information in a way that is upfront. I find that they are working with me to help me make the best choices and decisions possible while in this body. I absolutely know they love me and have my best life in mind when they provide me with information – even when it is something I don’t “want” to hear!

This group is like having a set of Spiritual Guides and mentors who want you to have the information you require so that you can make the best possible decisions!


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