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Rabbit as a Spirit Animal

If you know me at all, you know that I love animals of all kinds and since Easter is so often associated with Rabbits, I thought this would be a good time to bring this animal’s spirit meanings to the front of our thoughts! Beyond the fact that they taste delicious (the chocolate ones, I mean!), Rabbit as a Spirit animal is a very complex creature and is featured in many different cultures. At one time, a “lucky rabbit’s foot” was a common item. (I always wondered though….. how was this lucky for the rabbit?) Anyway, Rabbits are considered lucky in a number of cultures, and they are also thought to bring abundance. Below, I will touch on a few of the symbolism's

that Rabbit is known for…. beginning with Rabbit’s shy personality:

Rabbit Meanings and Symbolism

Fear, shyness and anxiety- if Rabbit has come to you now, it might mean that it is time to overcome your fears and make a move! If you have ever held a Rabbit, you know their hearts beat very fast so are often associated with people who have highly sensitive, extremely alert, and very cautious personalities.

Rabbits will freeze then suddenly bolt away – often in a zig-zag pattern- when they sense danger. Since Rabbit has few natural defense mechanisms, they must treat everything as a potential threat, but are still able to sit and eat, and sleep well in their burrows. Trust that if rabbit has come forward in your life, it is to help you move forward - even in times of fear – and to let you know Rabbit will protect you from harm!

Fertility – Generally people know that rabbits are a species that populate quickly and easily. This is also part of why Rabbit represents Easter – the idea of new beginnings and a new start. The symbolism of fertility not only represents the ability to conceive a baby, but also refers to new ideas and the birth of plans.

The rabbit is sacred to Ostara (or Eostre), an ancient Germanic fertility maiden Goddess. Ostara celebrates new life. It is because of Ostara’s vigil, even through the long winter months, that spring returns to us in full vitality. You will find this nurturing goddess at the root of Easter celebrations, and see how her sacred rabbit has been morphed into the Easter bunny over the centuries because she had the head of a hare, and the body of a goddess. It is no wonder that she is associated with rabbits, flowers and eggs! If Rabbit is suddenly on your mind, perhaps it is the right time to start your family or to move ahead with the plans that you have been considering!

Abundance and wealth –Rabbit is a symbol for wealth and abundance throughout many cultures. Their abundant reproduction and their ability to gather and store food in their burrows to get them through the long winter months teach us to work hard and save so that we can make it through the lean or difficult times. Another indication of Rabbit’s abundance symbolism has to do with Rabbit’s teeth that never stop growing. It is a good thing they love to eat and chew! Their diet is usually green – the symbolism of which implies health and prosperity.

Motion and spontaneity -Rabbit tends to move quickly, in unpredictable ways. Rabbit has been known to leap over nine feet high! They bound along and suddenly take a different direction in their zig-zag pattern. Many small children love the quick paced antics of Rabbit, and as adults we need to embrace these playful movements. Rabbit is here to remind us that some spontaneity in life is a good thing!

If Rabbit appeared to you and you are feeling “stuck” or bored in some area of your – follow Rabbit’s advice and make an unexpected move. Create some fun and adventure spontaneously...and notice the changes that follow. If you are a planner who always feels safer by being “in control” allow yourself the freedom to let go and experience things you would miss otherwise.

Retreat and be Grounded -Rabbit is very closely linked to the seasons, the changes of Mother Earth, and specifically Springtime. Rabbits are burrowers and their underground burrows symbolize Mother Earth energies. Rabbit wants each of us to remember how best to care for ourselves – retreat when we need to, look within and collect ourselves.

Rabbit is an earth element animal with a very deep connection to the sacred spirit of Mother Earth. If Rabbit has appeared, it is to remind us that we must connect to the Mother in deeper ways and that in doing so we will become even more grounded in our thoughts, actions and Being.

Perception – Rabbit has amazing perception! Rabbit can see a 360 view without turning his head! Rabbit also has incredible hearing. It is these features that Rabbit has come to remind us how we each have a set of tools available to us at all times. Rabbit’s lovely fur transitions with the seasons and allows Rabbit to stay hidden and safe when necessary. Rabbit wants you to know that your own inner abilities and strengths will lead you where you need and want to go!

Creativity and Cleverness – We know of all the childhood stories that Rabbit can also be creative and very, very smart! Rabbit relies on his keen observation skills to avoid dangerous situations; Rabbit creates burrows with multiple exits; Rabbit even knows he is less likely to be seen when standing still, then when moving! Rabbit uses all these skills and more to solve problems creatively. Perhaps Rabbit has shown himself to you at this time as a reminder that you need to employ your own creative skills to solve the dilemma that you are facing; or that perhaps you are neglecting your creative side and it is time to make a change!

Moon symbolism - Rabbit is a nocturnal creature and so shares lunar symbolism. There are several cultures where one can find the moon depicted as a Rabbit. For example, in Buddhist culture, it is said that the Buddha, disguised as a hare, threw himself in a fire as sacrifice to the god Indra. His reward was to live an eternal life as the moon.

Moon is a symbol for intuition and reflection, so because of this, Rabbit is often associated with strong intuition. Moon also symbolizes the depth of our emotions –just as the Moon is a reflection of the Sun – we are also a reflection of our emotions, so without question, Rabbit also symbolizes reflection.

As you can see, Rabbit is a wonderful animal to be connected with – whether he is a Totem Animal, Power Animal, Spirit Guide or if he has suddenly just “hopped” into your life! In any case, be sure to welcome Rabbit along with Spring!

Have a Hoppy Easter!

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