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Bloodstone - Beautiful & Pragmatic

Now this is one of my favourites to work with and it has a lot of great qualities as well as amazing colours! There are a few types of bloodstones that you might see which look a bit different, but the “classic” bloodstone is an opaque green jasper with red inclusions.

This stone is well known in the Bible as it can be found referenced as it was one of the jasper stones on Aaron’s Breastplate. During the Middle Ages, it was believed that the red spots on this mostly green stone, were Christ’s blood that dropped onto the stones at this crucifixion, so many spiritual and magical properties were connected to this stone for that reason! Christians often used to carve scenes of the crucifixion and martyrs into the bi-colored stone, which lead to the stone being named the “Martyr’s Stone”. You may also find Bloodstone referred to as Heliotrope. It is in fact a Green Jasper that is dotted with red splotches of iron oxide and as part of the Chalcedony Quartz family, in ancient times polished these stones were described as a reflection of the sun, reminding the ancients of the dark red sun setting on the ocean.

This lovely stone can be found mainly in India, China, Brazil, Australia, and the USA. Given that it has red inclusions, you would be a correct to say that it connects to the first or Root/Base chakra. It also makes perfect sense that this stone is associated with the “life blood” and It contains Iron, which is one of the main minerals associated with the First Chakra because we need Iron to survive! It assists in cleaning the lower chakras; and is a great grounder and protector, especially of the heart energies. I suggest that Bloodstone helps to balance the Root chakra with that of the heart so that one remains grounded and rooted while dealing with emotionally complex issues.

Since it connects primarily to the “physical” chakras this a great stone to help with finding balance in physical areas of our life, including balancing the need to care for ourselves versus caring for others. It is a powerful stone for restoring and rebuilding the mind and body, helping a sagging spirit to return to its natural state of happiness and health. This stone of strength and courage, can help you to weather storms no matter if they are internal or external.

It is also a stone of purification and detoxification which is said to help cleanse the blood and help our detoxing organs including the kidneys, spleen, bladder and liver. This stone will also help you to detoxify spiritually – look closely at what you are feeding your soul currently. Make sure that you are not getting drained by other people’s energies and try to stay away from toxic people and environments. Wearing Bloodstone can also assist in boosting your immune system. This stone was frequently carried by soldiers either to offer magical first aid or to avoid initial wounds all together. A Bloodstone held to a bleeding nose is believed to slow or stop the flow of blood almost immediately; and it is a wonderful stone for women relieving menstrual and menopausal pain, but also assists women with strength and stamina while in labor and childbirth.

Bloodstone is a great stone to wear or carry since it gives strength to all who require it. Ancient Greeks often carried or wore Bloodstone during athletic competitions to ensure endurance and secure favor of those in power-to help ensure the athlete’s fame. It helps you stand up if being bullied, promotes endurance, and stamina during physical activities, and also helps you to make decisions that are the best for you in any time or circumstance. Metaphysically, it is known to help banish evil and direct our spiritual energy giving us courage to act in the present moment. It helps us recognize that everything is inter-connected. It can increase our creativity and intuition, enhance decision making, reduce impatience and help us find the highest altruism when it is carried or worn.

Bloodstone is an amazing stone to work with through meditation, especially when placed on the heart chakra as its healing and grounding energies will help you to remain in a centered state of peace. You can also place this stone in water and make a spritz to liven and clear the energy within your home, office or workout room. Since this stone is also connected to abundance, (especially regarding finances) it is wise to place a piece next to or inside your wallet, or even place a tumbled stone in the southeast corner of your home (the money corner) to promote wealth and prosperity.

When you are working with this stone and want to kick it up a notch, try combining it with smokey quartz, obsidian or black tourmaline for an even more emotionally and physically stable perspective.

This lovely pendant is only $33, and can be worn facing front or back due to its sterling bail. If it wants to go home with you, just send me a message!


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