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The Spider as a Spirit Animal

I had an opportunity to be outside when we had a wonderful hoar frost and I noticed that a lovely friend had left me such a beautiful and precious gift that I decided I wanted to make my first Animals and their Spiritual Meanings post about her – the eensie weensie Spider! Now don’t get me wrong, spiders are not my most favourite of animals to be found in nature – and I would much prefer to see them outdoors than in, but still, the beauty of this gift was really surprising, and I knew I had to dig a little deeper to learn about what she was here to tell me!

In ancient Egypt, Spider was sacred to Goddess Neith – who was a mother figure; and in some Native Americans cultures, Spider is known as being a creator - like Grandmother Spider - also a symbol of the divine Feminine. Likely the most well-known story about Grandmother Spider is that it is she who spins the web of time and knows all aspects of the future and the past. Knowing these aspect of Spider is a great place to start looking at Spider energy and the lessons Spider brings!

Like many mother and feminine figures, Spider is connected to balance – the way we need to work carefully to acknowledge and find both the light and the darkness; the masculine and feminine; and balance between our inner and outer worlds. In working with this balance, we often forget the amazing beauty that there is in the shadow self and Spider is here to remind us of this. When we can work with Spider medicine and the shadow, we are brought more fully into the light. Spider is the reminder that none of us are perfect - and that knowing our imperfections helps us to create greater transformations.

It is also important to look at the dark or shadow side of the Spider– its venom. The venom it carries can lead to death – but also can be used as an antidote, so truly, the Spider connects us to the cycle of life and death and the magic and energy of creation. This creative force is reflected in its ability to spin beautiful webs – for which it depends on to survive. As well as its deep connection to the feminine, where for example, the black female widow spider will kill and eat the male after mating has exhausted it. Often times, Spider come to us as reminder that we may be tired and feel as though we are exhausted but it is important to breathe life into our dreams and ideas. She encourages us to weave a strong web in order to overcome any challenges that we are faced with. When you feel as though you’re walking on a very thin rope which is sure to break, call on Spider medicine to help you see how to better navigate the fine, frayed threads of life and find your way back to a position of clarity and strength. Spider will help you to construct the destiny you want to have.

There is no way to talk about Spider and not talk about the web she weaves. To a Spider, its web is its entire ‘world’. Consider that when Spider appears to you, maybe it is time to see yourself as the center of your own world. Like Spiders, we create our own world. We are the makers of our own destiny. Once we understand ourselves, we can truly begin manifesting our own reality.

The Spider web draw attention to our life choices and the amazing synchronicities that happen. It often symbolizes destiny, and fate since the web is a reflection of our lives and all that is intertwined with us. Most webs begin with a central point and work into a spiral – what you might view as a nature mandala. When this comes into view, perhaps it is time to ask if you are weaving your own dreams into reality? Are you focused on what you really want or is your time spent concentrating on the negative aspects of life?

The web proves how self-reliant the Spider is and we can connect this to our own lives, so that we can do things the way and within the time frame that we desire. The building and spinning of the web – this incredible circular structure – shows us that we keep going around and around – through the seasons and cycles. Spider means endurance and rebuilding. Just as when a spider’s web gets broken it rebuilds; we can also rebuild and try again when things don’t go as planned. Like the web, there is a strength in this creativity and when we branch off from what we thought we wanted, we are always given the opportunity to circle back and begin again. Spider is a spiritual guide who encourages you to look at problems from different angles. Follow one strand – where does it take you? Try another – where are you then? Spider reminds us to keep trying and not give up.

Spider is careful – she uses all her skills and strengths to assess the placement of her web, the best time to catch her enemies by surprise and to avoid predators. Like Spider, perhaps you need a lesson in thinking before taking action? Or consider the patience she demonstrates as she waits for the prey to come to her. Maybe this is the lesson that Spider wants to share with you? No matter what her lesson is or her reason for coming, she and her web appeared crystal clear and with such beauty and grace on this frosty day that she stole my breath and made me realize I have much to learn, even from the tiniest of creatures.

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