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I Bought a Crystal-Now What do I do?

Hi Everyone! So here we are right after the Saskatoon Gem show and you are likely wondering what to do with those, lovely crystals you purchased! This brief article will help you figure out how to best use your new crystals for meditation!

As you already know from my previous articles, meditation is awesome for every part of our being—our mind, our body and our spirit. It helps us to de-stress, clears and opens our mind all the while releasing negative energy and unwanted thoughts.

You might wonder why I recommend using your crystals during meditation – personally I find that I seem to go into a deeper state of meditation and they help me to further develop my intuition. (I use crystals for healing purposes for humans and animals, as well as during my work in the Akashic Records. There are many different uses for crystals beside meditation!) I often receive messages both during and after I meditate with crystals which is really exciting! Remember you can use your gemstone/crystal Mala during meditation and you can always use loose, rough or tumbled crystals as well! Crystals are the a great tool to help you maintain and grown your meditation practice, as they encourage you to connect with a specific intentions as well as move into deeper states of meditation.

Here is a quick outline of some of the more common crystals you might want to begin with!

If you can have only one crystal, be sure to choose a Clear Quartz Crystal. Quartz is a great crystal simply because you can “program” it by using your intention. It will bring clarity and help you to become more focused. I also love it because you can use it in conjunction with any other crystal and it will amplify that crystal’s energy… so this is definitely a must have!

My next favourite crystal during mediation is Selenite. I love selenite because it always helps me to relax! Selenite helps to release any negativity (including negative energy blockages) that we might have. It energetically “cleanses” the body while also protecting your energy field (aura). Selenite is also a great tool to use to help you clean your crystals so you should have a piece of it for that reason as well!

If I could choose only one more crystal to meditate with – it would be (thank goodness I don’t have to choose just one!) Rose Quartz is a loving stone. People often think this has to do with loving others, however, rose quartz can also help us be a little more loving towards ourselves! So besides balancing the heart chakra, this connecting to our inner self also encourages our connection to the entire world. As we increase our vibration through meditation (and by meditating with crystals) we are creating more love throughout the planet.

Obviously there are hundreds of other crystals to choose from if none of these ideas speak to you. You can choose by colour (to work with various chakras), by intuition (using a crystal that speaks to you), by affiliation (with specific angles or spirit guides that you wish to work with), and by intent (choosing a crystal that has certain properties) – or by combining these ideas! The sky is really the limit here… it is all about your personal preferences.

Stick with me to learn more about some different ways to use your chosen crystals in meditation in my next post!

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