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Green Aventurine

Found most commonly in Brazil, China, India, Russia, and South Africa, Green Aventurine is a fabulous heart stone. The name ‘Aventurine’ comes from the beautiful shimmering finish of this stone as its “aventurescence” refers to the tiny particles of highly reflective mineral that you can see with the naked eye. As well, its fuchsite particles within the quartz are what gives it the gorgeous green color!

When I did some more reading about Green Aventurine I learned that it has a long history and has been used in many cultures. For example, in Tibet, it was used to decorate statues, which is where we can still see it today. It is thought to have been used on the stature to indicate the “visionary” powers f the statues and people they represented because this stone is believed to improve nearsightedness. Within the Chinese culture, Aventurine was the sacred stone of Kuan-Yin (who is known as the goddess of compassion); and, because of its luscious green colour, it has been associated with various goddesses of fertility, nature, and spring throughout many cultures.

To this day, aventurine, especially green aventurine, is a stone that connects us with Spring and Summer encouraging you to connect with that inner state of joy and to synchronize with nature’s soothing rhythm. This allows us to live in the present, enjoying each moment without anxiety, fear, doubt or stress. Since it is so connected to spring, Aventurine can be a very useful stone if you’re suffering from SAD or the ‘winter blues’. Just keep some on your person or wear it in a way that connects to your heart, such on a mala or pendant. Another good way to have this stone work for you is to place a piece of it near a heat source or a light – such as a window, or a fireplace. When you feel yourself drawn towards that light or heat source you will begin to feel a renewed sense of serenity because the energies of this stone are radiating towards you.

The spiritual meaning of Aventurine is that of the ‘heart healer’. It is linked to Anahata, the Heart Chakra, which is our center of love and inner peace. Since it is associated with the middle chakra, it serves to remind us that we need harmony between the three lower “Mother Earth” chakras, and the three upper “Father Sky” chakras. This harmony is what allows us to have a sense of balance during our soul experience on earth. In addition, its connection with nature and spring will help you feel an awakening to nature. This will quickly improve your psychic health and strength

Green aventurine promotes harmony and clearing of our personal psychic energy. This makes it a wonderful stone for improving all of your relationships: familial, romantic, professional, and interpersonal. All relationships can benefit from the calm and harmonious attitude this stone creates. If you are just beginning a romantic relationship, it will keep the lines of communication open and helps you to extend forgiveness in your evaluation of your potential partner. In more advanced relationships, it can help you get through periods where you feel stagnant, unheard, or unable to communicate your needs. Everyone goes through times like this, and this stone will help to ensure that they don’t trip you up for too long!

Since it promotes harmony and offers a soothing energy, it affects not just you but all those around you. Placing green aventurine in rooms where tension builds up, for example, an office, lunchroom, family living or dining room, or even a bedroom, can help break any patterns of negativity that tend to occur in those venues, as well as encourage you to remove yourself and not become embroiled in the disagreements that can often occur. This stone works very efficiently with the heart chakra, helping to dissolve negative thoughts and emotions in any situation.

Green aventurine can help you live in the moment, finding an energy of quiet contentment, that people often struggle to find. By encouraging us to slow down, to breathe and relax, it helps us to soak up its positive vibrations and inspiration. It have often been notes that those who bring aventurine home often feel luckier as a consequence, and this helps to create an “attitude of gratitude”.

This stone reflects a comforting and secure energy giving you the confidence to move forward and to take risks knowing that your heart is safely protected. As you listen to your inner voce, and trust your sense of knowing and intuition, this stone can help you come into a more harmonious, balanced state. If you feel drawn to green aventurine, your spirit guides are giving you the “green light” to move ahead with any plans you might have. This often leads to an increase in prosperity and abundance and can assist you in creating the dreams you have always strived for!

If called to, you may also want to meditate with green aventurine as it is known to imbue you with its loving harmonious energies. Using aventurine in this way can help increase your awareness to the values of spirituality and idealism and help you to see and appreciate good character within others. There is no real right or wrong way to work with aventurine!

Aventurine can also help increase your self-discipline and is thought to work well in breaking bad habits such as overeating, alcoholism and gambling. It can really help you to step back and see the bigger picture; while supporting your desire to have the time you need in order to perform self-care rituals that encourage you to be your best self!

When you consider using green aventurine with other stones, I have a few suggestions. When using it with other stones, you must be aware that the metaphysical properties of aventurine are very “soft” so it is best to pair it with other “soft” stones so that the properties are enhanced and not overtaken. if you were to pair aventurine with other stones, such as turquoise, whose strong properties are to enhance communication and connect with the emotions, you can find that your intuition is enhanced. Other stones that pair well with green aventurine are moonstone and opal since both of these crystals help to increase communication, and add clarity to your emotions as well as will compliment the intuitive powers of aventurine!

Another good stone to use with green aventurine is clear quartz. This might seem contradictory as it is not really thought of as a “soft” stone, however, since it has amplifying properties it helps increase the empathy and forgiveness that is part of aventurine’s makeup. In addition, Rose Quartz has similar benefits as it will lend its own innocent romance to the holder’s understanding of a situation. If you are somewhat cynical, then a combination of Rose Quartz and Aventurine may be helpful in assisting you to develop a positive and generous attitude towards other people. Having green aventurine call to you means you are ready to try new things – ready for the next “adventure”. This stone will help you feel more comfortable and at home as well as offer its soothing energy anytime you are feeling anxious or fearful. It is believed to stir creativity and bring cheerfulness and good humour.

As you might guess, this stone’s physical healing properties mostly revolve around the heart system of the body. It can help improve heart problems and recovery from illnesses and surgery involving these areas. As well, it is believed that assist with lowering cholesterol helping to lower the likelihood of a heart attack. This stone works well with the circulatory system as well as helping those with eyesight issues including cerebral palsy and dyslexia. It may also reduce inflammation, especially from skin conditions, and help reduce migraines and allergies. All in all this is a wonderful gem to have nearby!


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