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Part III: Do the Records exist?

Well, I think that is up to you to decide. Everyone is different and has a unique perspective. Some people may feel it is “hocus-pocus” and others may not. In a way, it reminds me of the age old question “Does God exist?”

I would like to address, however, why some people may have a difficult time believing in the validity of the Records. As with any other intuitive type reading, people go into it existing where they are at currently. Often times, someone may be looking for some guidance into their future and wht happens when the future they were searching for does not come to fruition? They become skeptical. However, they did not take into account where they were at in their existence at the time of the reading and perhaps many events- positive or negative – swayed them from their path impacting the outcome of the guidance they were given. We are always in control our of destiny, but we always need to remember that readings simply give us a direction based on the current position we are in with consideration to the current path. Just as we can forge a new path at any time, so can our outcomes be impacted and changed.

Personally, it was a struggle for me to accept the records as “real” even when I had the experience of being in the multiple times! I found it was difficult to accept the messages I would receive simply because it is very odd experience to hear and see things in your head that you know you are hearing and seeing but yet seem very distant and unrelated to you. It took me a lot of working in the Records and learning to trust my MTLO’s (Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones) that these messages, images, and thoughts were not coming from me, but were external to me. I have had to learn to trust in the process and believe what I hear without censoring it for my clients. I have also learned to explain to those who come to see me that I am simply the phone cord – the method by which the message is transmitted, the Records are the sender and they are the receiver.

Whether you choose to believe or not is up to you., however, I hope you will remain open to the idea that there is a large source of information and knowledge available to you beyond your conscious mind; and it doesn’t matter where you believe that information is coming from – your angels, the Akashic records or from God. That is entirely up to you!


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