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Part IX: Why are the Akashic Records so significant?

You already know you can learn about your past lives (most often in relation to your present day situation) and gain clarity on current events that are happening for you, but did you know you can ask for guidance about your business? Finances? Career paths? Relationships? Creative endeavors?

People have accessed the Records to write books, paint, or create. Others have seen or received inspiration for the next place they need to travel or move to. You can ask why you are in your current situation, or why you feel blocked from moving forward in certain areas. You can ask “life purpose” questions of you can simply ask for guidance on what you need to know right now in this moment! The knowledge in the Akashic Records is infinite and you can go back again and again with different questions and ideas, or you might feel like once is all you are meant to visit in this lifetime.

No matter your reason for accessing your Records, there are some truly wonderful possibilities when you do.

A. Healing – we all need healing on some level. We are spirits living in a physical body, and whether that body needs some TLC and self-care, or the Spirit is feeling lost, the Akashic Records can assist you by providing the information you require to work on your own areas of healing.

B. Past Lives – learning about our past lives can help us identify relationship patterns – both positive and negative, so that we can better define our current relationships or assist us in defining what we want and need to attract a soul mate.

C. Behaviours and Patterns – the Records help us to see the life patterns we may be repeating. This can be extremely beneficially if we want to break out of those patterns or behaviours or if we feel those patterns may be holding us back from something wonderful. We can work in the records to clear these patterns and evaluate the belief systems that went with them!

D. Changes – if you see that you need to make changes in your life and fell ready, the Records can guide you into the best route to take and offer you support through providing clarity and validation of you next move.

E. Personal Strengths – need to identify what you are really good at or call upon your past lives to bring forward some of the expertise you have previously? This can be done through the Records too. I am sure you have many “hidden” talents that are just waiting to be rekindled.

F. Connection with Spirit – the MTLO’s are a great place to help access and build upon your connection to Spirit. This can be done in so many different ways that the Records can help you find suitable methods for you and even within themselves you are more connected to the light and Universal energies than you likely thought possible!

G. Life’s Purpose – I know I have mentioned this many time throughout these posts, but it is so true. Many of us are not living the life we want and accessing the Records can help you gain clarity and fully define your life’s purpose. They can help you find ways of reaching your goals or living more thoughtfully through your light and Spirit. They can really help with the big question of “Why am I here?”


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