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Today I want to talk about Lepidolite. This is one of my favourite stones both to work with and to wear! Lepidolite is mostly found in Africa, Brazil, the USA, and Greenland. Its soft, sparkly lilac colour connects to our heart chakra, while also resonating with the third eye and crown chakras. It makes a great companion in meditation and prayer, helping us see the bigger picture and showing us higher levels of awareness.

Metaphysically this stone also assists us with any emotional healing that we need to do and teaches us patience. I have always felt as though this stone helps open new doors and supports us during difficult times, even when an ending is required. It helps eases the pain and discomfort of life’s difficult transitions and helps us find optimism and self love when these situations come up.

It is also thought to encourage success in careers/business so can be a great asset to a workspace. Another reason it is handy to have in on your desk, is that it is thought to absorb electromagnetic pollution emanating from technology.

Since I am not much of a green thumb, I will sometimes keep this stone nearby things that I want to grow as it lends a growing energy to agriculture and gardening. Personally, I have found it to be a great good luck stone as well as assisting me to a better night’s sleep when near my bed or under my pillow (it does contain small amounts of lithium which help regulate the nervous system and create balance!)! I love this stone, not only for its beauty but for its versatility!

(Remember these are my opinions and should never be taken as medical advice!)

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