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Part I: What Are the Akashic Records?

If you are following me on Facebook, you might recall that I was told by my guides, and by my team in my Akashic Records, that I really needed to return to my roots and do what I love. One of my passions is Akashic Record reading. This is not simply reading others records, but also helping people fully understand what the Records are and how accessing them helps attain answers and give guidance that can come in very unique ways. Since many people have asked me to explain the Records, and I love to share knowledge, I knew it would be beneficial to write a few posts about the Akashic Records. I am going to start with the records and what they are.

I remember when I first head the term “Akashic Records” and I had no idea what that even met. When I attended my first class with instructor, Kevin Jackson, I still felt very unsure…. And then we jumped right into an exercise in which we “opened our records”. Poof! Mind blown…. That is an experience I cannot begin to put into words… but it did enable me to begin to explain what exactly the records are. Let’s start with the word – Akashic which comes from the root word Akasha. Akasha is the Sanskrit word for "atmosphere". In Hindi, Akash means "sky" or "heaven".

The way I think of the Akasha is “all encompassing”. To me, the Akasha are all the thoughts, events, experiences, and intentions that have been written on my soul throughout all of time. Yep, now go back and read that again… it is a lot to absorb.

Now if we add the complete phrase, of “Akashic Records”, then I envision a blueprint – as there would be for a house builder – showing the tiniest of details, and ALL the precise and exact measurements recorded for the person reading the blueprints. The records then are like this exact blueprint – but instead of it being the details of the house that have been put together to form one building, the Akashic Records are ALL the parts of your lives that have created who you are and they are printed upon your soul. So literally, when I get asked what are the Akashic Records, my reply most often is that these are the blueprints of your soul where every detail and experience has been recorded from the very beginning of the time of your souls’ inception.

It is really important that we are clear here – we are not just talking about the current physical embodiment you have in this lifetime, but this soul blueprint includes all the lives you have ever led. Now, when you think about it, having access to the incredible database (blueprint) of experiences, events, intentions and lives you have ever lived is pretty amazing… and maybe a little bit scary too!

The Akashic Records are those experiences, thoughts and intentions which are written on your soul throughout all time-including all previous lives. This is what makes your soul and your Akashic Records uniquely yours.

Now, just spend a second thinking about the records. If you have a record, and I have a record, and Mary and Susan and Bill and James each have their own record….. what about the pyramids that have been here much longer then then the existence of one lifetime? What about your pet goldfish that you only had for one week? Can they also have records? Sure, they can because they physically exist too! Can you see how absolutely everything has a record? You have an Akashic Record, your pet has an Akashic Record, even your house has an Akashic Record! How cool is that?


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