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Chakra Balancing for You & and An Animal Friend

Oh boy! Wednesday already!! Ok! Lets do a few different things today....

An offer for you and for your animal companion PLUS a free Card Pull!

Chakra Balancing and Clearing for the Human- $25 (regular $55) This will include a distant scan of your chakras, re-balancing and a write up of my discoveries to assist you in healing. You will receive guidance and advice as shared with me by my Spirit Guides, in connection with you, your guides and other energetic Light Beings.

Chakra Balancing and Clearing for Animals - $25 (regular $55) Believe it or not, animals absorb negativity from their surroundings and it impacts their well being just the same as our environment affects us. Also, just like us, animals’ chakras need to be balanced to improve their day to day health. This session does exactly that, and will include information about any issues I become aware of.

AND.... a freebie card pull from the Keepers of the Light Oracle~ This oracle of ascended masters stands as a reminder that me must each trust our own intuition and that for the healing of all souls, we need to accept and believe in the messages that Spirit shares with us. The Masters of this deck are here to help all of those who call on them. Love this deck and how much it ties into the healing we need! If this deck speaks to you today, please head over to my FB page and drop your name under the post!

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