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Beautiful Bronzite!

I remember the first time I saw Bronzite… I was absolutely smitten! I did not even know why I was so attracted to it – and in fact, the seller was not even sure what the stone was –he only recalled that he had it in his collection for a long time. I had not seen much of it available until recently when I came across some gorgeous cabochons and I had to get one that I am going to offer to you… so if this stone speaks to you when you read about it, be sure to let me know!

So let’s start with the limited bit of “sciency” stuff that I know about this stone! Bronzite is the gemological term for Enstatite – it is more iron bearing then other stones in this family and is very commonly found in meteorites. This stone is a deep, rich brown colour and appearing under the surface of the stone is an amazing bronze chatoyancy after which it is named. (It is even more lovely in person than in photos!) This mineral can be found worldwide but the larger deposits come from Brazil, Czech Republic, Madagascar, Austria, and USA.

Historically, the Romans treasured Bronzite, using it as protective amulets and decorative objects. Since Bronzite has some very strong metaphysical effects, it is important to know what stones to pair it with, so let’s look further at what Bronzite can do and what stones work well with it.

Bronzite works with many of the Chakras, but especially with the Heart. This stone strongly encourages compassion and forgiveness, not only towards others but towards yourself as well. It is often referred to as the “stone of courtesy” because its energies encourage love, equality, and protection. Bronzite is very grounding and protective so can be readily used with the lower three chakras. It helps to restore balance and harmony to the mind-body-soul connections; it activates and strengthens your Root and Sacral chakras and will help you get back on track and focused on what’s most important to you.

One of Bronzite’s most well-known properties is releasing self-doubt and encouraging you to have the courage to stand up for yourself and taking assertive action to get things done. Bronzite can help you stay grounded in situations that would commonly cause anxiety and distress. Bronzite also works incredibly well in situations when you feel indecisive and can help you make important decisions and plans. It really helps you focus on the future and see the positivity that exists. It serves as a reminder that you were given this life because you are strong enough to handle it, and this stone works with you by encouraging you to take action and work towards manifesting a bright future. This is about making progress… not making things perfect. After all, it is the through the imperfection that we learn most of life’s lessons.

If you incorporate Bronzite into your meditation practices on a regular basis, you will be better for it. You will find it will enable you to come to a place of peace more quickly and it will assist you in releasing any negative thoughts and patterns that you may have. Use this stone to help you set your intentions – begin your meditation by holding this stone and bringing your awareness to your heart. On the inhale focus on the radiant light shining within your heart and soul, and on the exhale envision a release of any negativity you happen to be holding in that moment. Having it nearby serves as a mental prompt through the day to remind you of the commitment you have made to let go of negativity and to hold inner peace.

Earlier I noted that it is important to know which crystals are best paired with Bronzite’s strengths so that you do not become overwhelmed. It is said that Bronzite has the ability to send negative/dark energy back to the original source, so it is important to use another stone, such as Black Tourmaline, to balance this effect so that an energetic loop is not created. Since it is a strong earth-based/practical crystal on its own, it can become even stronger when paired with high vibration stones such as Danburite, Sugilite, Black Kyanite or Angelite. Using Bronzite along with these stones will help pull these higher conscious energies down to an earthly focus so that these energies may be used for the good of everyone. When used with other strong heart stones such as Rhodonite or Rose Quartz, Bronzite can help release emotional wounds and diminish emotional scars leading to a brighter outlook and overall sense of well-being.

Bronzite requires regular clearing which can be done though smudging. It can sometimes pick up unwanted energies, especially when bringing the higher conscious into the earthly realm, so this cleansing is important. It does some of its best work as a filter allowing you to receive the good while “holding” the bad!

In the physical realm, Bronzite helps revitalize the nerves and cleanse the blood system. I have heard of others who use this stone to alleviate anxiety, depression and even reduce stress. In addition, it is thought to reduce the signs of aging! It has been used to treat allergies, and some skin issues as well.

If you need any more reasons to have this beauty in your possession, remember that since Bronzite raises the vibrations around you, it will also remind you to keep moving forward even during times of financial adversity. It also teaches you universal “life” lessons which can assist you in understanding life cycles better, as well as provide a deeper connection to ancestors and spiritual helpers. Call on Bronzite to help you see that you can face the truth with courage and that hope is stronger than fear.

This piece can be worn with either side facing and if you want to claim her, she is $42!


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