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Rhodochrosite is a manganese-based crystal which varies in colour from pinky-red to shades of pink, depending on the chemical composition. Originally found in deposits in the silver mines of Romania it is a beautiful stone where banded forms are mined in Capillitas, Argentina. More recently this has become Argentina's national gemstone and is also Colorado’s state mineral in 2002. You may sometimes find this stone under other names including "Rosa del Inca", "Inca Rose" indicating they came from the Incan Silver Mines. Legend tell us that these pink crystals were formed from the blood of the Incan kings and queens that then turned to stone. This crystal is also found in Montana (USA), South Africa, Peru, Russia, Spain, China, Japan, and Mexico.

A unique looking stone, Rhodochrosite has a strong heart-based energy, and is an amazing stone to support and heal the emotions. Its powerful energy is connected to the heart chakra – it simply vibrates with the energy of love. Unlike many other crystals dealing with the heart, this love energy is directed towards the owner/holder’s heart. My experience in using and wearing Rhodochrosite brings me to believe that the energy of this stone is extremely healing, and others have expressed to me that this is especially true if you are working on your self esteem.

This stone is amazing to work with and it hits the soul through the heart on many levels. This is a stone of pure, unconditional love. It is one of the softest love stones and it resonates very deeply with the inner child who needs healing and to be cared for. Because of this inner-child connection, it helps us to reclaim joy and playfulness, increase our creativity and assist in bringing forward any talents that may have lain dormant since childhood. It shows us how to move past old hurts and learn to forgive ourselves.

If you are struggling with mistrust, or find you are jealous, the powerful vibration of this crystal encourages you to expand your mind so that you are able to release the negative energies of these emotions and bring forth feelings of love. This stone can also promote taking action through love - not only does this stone attract love but it also helps you find and maintain a positive attitude, helping you express love.

Along with all those beautiful facets, this crystal can help you physically as well. Rhodochrosite calms and rebalances the nervous system, increasing feelings of relaxation, thereby helping you cope with stress in your daily any time you find yourself caught up with negative thoughts, taking a bath with this stone can be immensely helpful. Allow your body to absorb its healing vibrations as you focus on releasing heavy emotions. It is thought to energize the pancreas, spleen and kidney, and aid in repairing vision. It is known to relieve migraines and help clear up infections. Keeping Rhodochrosite in the bedroom can also help with being more open to sexual intimacy.

The pendant shown here has beautiful colour and lines with a couple of tiny vugs (cavities) on the front and the back and it is for sale! It is approximately 3.3 cm x 2.4 cm, has a sterling silver bail and comes with a braided black cotton cord for wearing! $39 Contact me if this pretty piece calls to you!


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